Lýðræðissetrið ehf. - On Arrow's Possibility Theorem

Merki Lýðræðissetursins

Lýðræðissetrið Demokratisentret Democracy Center

Rannsókn og ráðgjöf um aðferðir við atkvæðagreiðslu og kosningu

Björn S. Stefánsson

ISBN: 978-9935-457-22-6
ISBN: 978-9935-457-23-3
ISBN 978-9935-457-65-3
ISBN: 978-9935-457-30-1

The present volume is extracted from the author´s Democracy with sequential choice and fund voting with the purpose of making it easier for theoretically interested readers to study the contents of this book insofar as they concern Arrow´s theorem. Also included are several periodical articles by the author referred to in Democracy with sequential choice and fund voting. A new article, The emerging of ideas, is a postscript.