Lýðræði með raðvali og sjóðvali á ensku

ISBN 978-9935-9079-0-5 Reykjavík 2012
ISBN 978-9935-457-02-8 Reykjavík 2013
ISBN 978-9935-457-64-6 Reykjavík 2018

Applying sequential choice on voting and election is a means of solving a classic formal logic problem, i.e. how to elect one person among more than two alternatives. The book provides an answer to Coleman’s vision of political money (political science, economics). The book reviews Arrow’s work on group choice (economics). The book introduces fund voting for budgeting and project planning, land and urban planning, as well as for resources utilization (economics, public administration science, environmental science, resources economics) The application of sequential choice and fund voting is examined under that perspective of sociology, which concerns the assumption that societies owe their existence to common tasks, and likewise, under the main theme of anthropology, i.e. what generates human society and keeps it going.