[...] At the end of Section II.A.3. (No need to hold elections in two rounds) we indulged in speculation on the outcome of the Icelandic presidential elections using sequential choice and in a two-round system. Using single transferable vote, the outcome, based on the same data, would have been as follows: on the first count, Astthor would have received 19 votes, Gudrun 174, Olafur 229 and Petur 184, none of them receiving more than 50% of the votes. If Astthor is deleted from those ballots on which his name ranked in first place, the results become: Gudrun 178, Olafur 237 and Petur 188; nobody has yet reached 50%. Then when Gudrun is deleted from those ballots on which her name is in first place, Olafur receives 286 and Petur 249. Thus, on the basis of the figures from the Gallup poll, Olafur would have been elected using single transferable vote.