Democracy with Sequential Choice and Fund Voting, was published in Icelandic and Norwegian in 2003. Since then the book has been published in Spanish by Ediciones Gondo á Toledo, Spain and in Faroese by Stiðin publishing. It has been translated to several languages.

Here you can find and read selected chapters from the book in English and other languages.

Democracy with sequential choice and fund voting will be published as ebook in the languages which it is been translated to. Democracy Center will be in charge of the publication in case there is not a publication contract at hand.



The book has been translated to: 

Danish: Demokrati med rækkevalg og fondsvalg

English: Democracy with Sequential Choice and Fund Voting

Esperanto: Demokratio kun ordelekto kaj kaselekto

Finnish:  Demokratiaa rivivaalein ja rahastovaalein

French: La démocratie avec le choix séquentiel et le réservoir de vote

Faroese: Fólkaræði við raðvali og grunnvali

Greek: Δημοκρατια με επαλληλη επιλογη και αποθεματικη εκλογη

Icelandic: Lýðræði með raðvali og sjóðvali

Dutch: Democratie met rangstemming en fondsstemming

Italian: Democrazia con la scelta sequenziale e il plafond di voti

Norwegian: Demokrati med radvalg og fondsvalg

Polish: Metoda wyboru jakosciowego oraz ilosciowego

Portuguese: Democracia com os métodos de voto sequencial e de fundos de votos

Russian: Демократия: порядковые и фондовые выборы

Spanish: Democracia con votaciones posicionales y votaciones de fondos

Swedish: Demokrati med radval och fondval

Czech: Sekvenční volba a volba z fondu – cesty k demokracii

German: Demokratie mit Rang-Wahl und Fonds-Wahl