Björn S. Stefansson

Born in Reykjavik and brought up there where he got education before college level. Sivilagronom The Norwegian Agricultural College 1961. Editor, Farming magazine, Reykjavik 1961-1

962. Lic. agric. (dr. scient.) the same college in 1968 in agricultural economics. Head of division The Icelandic Statistical Centralbureau 1968-1976. Professor Nordplan (Nordic institute of planning) in Stockholm 1978. Social research since 1968, free-lance. Member of the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, the division of sociology, political science and economics. Member of Icelandic societies: Agriculturalists (once head of board), Economists, Social Scientists (once head of board), Sociologists (once member of board), Writers, the Reykjavík Academy. Guide in Iceland (educated), translator and interpreter (authorized in Norwegian). A CV has been published in every Icelandic Who´s Who since 1964. Sometimes in catalogues from American Biographical Institute (ABI) and International Biographical Centre (IBC). 


Anna Rún Tryggvadóttir
BA fine Arts, Iceland Academy of the Arts Reykjavik, 2004. Studied Philosophy and Art Theory, University of Iceland 2005-2007.
Working in the Democracy Center, running the office, managing contact with foreign publishers, presentation and counceling on Sequental Choice and Fund Voting. Paralell working as an Independant Artist.