Björn S. Stefánsson






Words first
The Norwegian version of Democracy with Sequential Choice and Fund Voting, Demokrati med radvalg og fondsvalg, originally a research paper at the University of Oslo, Department of Political Science, provided an introduction to Sequential Choice and Fund Voting, viewed in the historical context of group choice theory and supported by empirical data from Iceland. Although the paper was published by a scientific institution, it was written for the informed layman as well. As there is need for sound and realistic group decisions everywhere, it seemed urgent to have the paper translated into various languages. The plan is to publish the text in seventeen languages in all within a relatively short time span, and as time goes on publishing revenues will increasingly contribute to covering operating costs.

Experience counts
Apart from the promotion of the publication Democracy with Sequential Choice and Fund Voting on a worldwide basis, our task here at the Democracy Center is to amass experience of Sequential Choice and Fund Voting by disseminating advice and information. We are looking for associations and issues as well as decision makers who would be interested in maximizing results by applying Sequential Choice or Fund Voting. Requests for help or advice will be welcomed. Later on, when our clients have gathered enough experience to ensure smooth continuation, there will be little need for support.

The voting methods leave their marks on society
For some it is inevitable that application of Sequential Choice and Fund Voting would alter society. The course of events will show. The issue is brought up and considered several times in the book Democracy with Sequential Choice and Fund Voting. There will no doubt be discussions, but at the Democracy Center we prefer experience.