In the spring of 2008 Landvernd, the Icelandic Environment Association, managed a sequential choice project for the Gjábakki road construction project between Lake Thingvallavatn and Lake Laugarvatn, with the assistance and supervision of the Democracy Center. The choices presented were five in all. Road 1 was the old road, Road 2 was the road location presented by the Icelandic Road Administration. Of the votes cast 1,351 were valid.

The results were as follows:
Road 1 received 4,039 points, road 2 received 2,498 points, road 3 received 2,468, road 5 received 2,275.5 points, and road 4 received 2,229.5 points.  

A request was received asking to what extent the difference between the results of alternative 1 and alternative 2 was conclusive. Click here to view the answer.